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Functions in detail

Basic frame

Basic frame
Basisgestell von pro-cart Gerätewagen ohne Zubehör
Isolating transformer in the base
Trenntransformator an Basis von pro-cart Gerätewagen

The basic frame is constructed in an aluminium design and the load capacity of 80 kg / 176 lbs offers the opportunity for enhanced load rating despite the low weight of the equipment cart.


A powerful isolating transformer with up to 1200 VA can be integrated discretely between the two front stabilizers and concealed by a trim.

Support column

Socket strips in the vertical column
pro-cart Gerätewagen mit geöffnetem Profil mit Sicht auf Kabelführung
On / off switch
Ein-und Ausschalter auf Profil von pro-cart Gerätewagen

The support column in the single-column pro-cart equipment carrier is a premium feature: The central, spacious centre shaft accommodates socket strips of different dimensions - e.g. US Hospital Grade - and also offers space for outgoing cables and residual cable volumes. Power cables and data lines can be routed separately from residual cable volumes.


Accessories, such as infusion stand or endoscope holder, can also be accommodated separately. A central on and off switch can be accommodated in the cover cap to provide protection.

Fold-out cover extrusion

Fold-out cover extrusion
Querschnitt von Abdeckprofil des pro-carts Gerätewagen
Latch option
Verriegelung des Profils von pro-cart Gerätewagen

The fold-out cover extrusion with rubber lips provides unimpeded access to cable inlet and outlet in any position along the support column and facilitates the use of short connecting lines. The semicircular cover also facilitates access to the power supply, e.g. to socket strips. The lock option enables the cover extrusion to serve as a plug removal barrier and hence provides protection against unauthorized access.


Handles, rear
Griffe rückseitig an Profil von pro-cart Gerätewagen
Griffe rückseitig an Profil von pro-cart Gerätewagen (seitliche Ansicht)

A handle attached optionally to the rear of the support column can be adjusted to be in an ergonomic push position or a space-saving park position. The push position at a 90° angle offers adequate freedom of movement for the users' legs with respect to the base. The space-saving park position at a 15° angle allows the equipment cart to be "parked" closed to the wall.

Twin swivel castors

Twin swivel castors
zwei Doppellenkrollen für Gerätewagen
pro-cart Gerätewagen mit diversen Zubehörteilen

The four large twin castors provide enhanced mobility and easy manoeuvrability. The castors have a medium coating hardness and are therefore suitable for all floor coverings. They are supplied as standard with a large diameter of 100 mm and 125 mm. Wall protectors supplied as an option also provide protection against possible damage.

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