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Functions in detail

Pivot arms

rm-port, single
rm-port Monitorschwenkarm einfach mit Monitorhalterung
rm-port, double
rm-port: Monitorschwenkarm zweifach mit Monitorhalterung

The rm-port pivot arm is offered as a single-arm in two standard lengths 250 mm and 325 mm, or as a double-arm that is a combination of the two standard lengths. The pivot arms are shipped fully assembled along with the adapters for the walls and monitors and are ready for use in a few minutes. The rm-port pivot arm, in spite of its lightweight and compact design, disposes over high sturdiness and a maximum payload capacity of up to 23 kg. In order to ensure the resilience specified in the standard, the rm-port has been tested for 6-fold safety.


The spring-assisted monitor mount allows for an intuitive, effortless and secure setting of the mounted equipment, even in the case of very heavy monitors. A further advantage in terms of comfort and ergonomics is provided by the optimally set torque in the encapsulated joints, which means a stepless sliding of the equipment is ensured when being positioned in the room. These joints remain maintenance-free throughout the entire service life.

One-man assembly and cable management

In a few minutes ready for use: the rm-port
rm-port Monitorschwenkarm an Normschiene mit Schnellmontage

The rm-port is shipped as a factory completely pre-assembled product and can be easily mounted by a single person on the wall, a ceiling carrier facility or any other device carrier. Specially offered quick-release fasteners for standard rails and circular tubes reduce the required installation time even further.


Large-volume, internal cable ducts ensure smooth cable bushing and prevent unwanted cable clutter.

A newly developed cable duct cover with a unique "click & slide" function offers the user a simple, fast and secure way of cable laying, both during the initial installation and during subsequent follow-up work. Integrated strain reliefs protect the cables from being accidentally pulled out.  

Different application and adaption options

rm-port with VESA 75/100 on pole D 38 mm
rm-port Monitorschwenkarm an Rundrohr befestigt

The rm-port can be either integrated in already existing infrastructures or installed by means of the optionally available vertical profiles as a completely new wall construction. Thanks to the simple, time- and cost-saving "one-man assembly", the system is ready for use in minutes, and is at anytime capable of being customised to take account of future developments and future requirements on site. The connection to the wall or to existing equipment carriers, is quickly and flexibly carried out, on horizontal or vertical standard rails, on circular tubes with diameter 35-38 mm (adapter for other diameters available upon request), on the ITD wall profile or on appropriate vendor-specific adaptations.

On account of the tailored configuration options, which are possible due to an extremely diverse range of adapters and accessory components, the rm-port is able to fulfil a wide range of special requirements. 


Environmentally sustainable packaging

Naturschonende Verpackung

In order to conserve nature, a compact foldable packaging was developed for the new rm-port that can be disposed of in a simple manner, as waste paper. 

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