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Quality and saftey

Every system is only as strong as its weakest link. For this reason quality and safety are always of primary importance at ITD. The instrument carts are laid out so as to provide optimal positioning and protection for all built-in instruments. Only in this way can doctors, caregivers and staff fully and completely rely on the constant readiness of their equipment.


DIN EN ISO 13485

At ITD "quality" has always been recognized and implemented as an essential management process. So the focus on quality begins with the analysis of customer requirements, and, based on the results of this, the definitions of desired characteristics of instrument carts, which then flow into the development process as essential data.


Perfect organization of the process of development from marketing, sourcing and production to delivery and local service of customers, support the stringent quality management. Thus every ITD employee bears a high personal responsibility for quality, thanks to which the customer can fully and completely depend on ITD instrument carts. The DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 Certificate (valid from 2019-06-30) and the CE Designation confirm this.


ITD instrument carts are first class medical products and therefore meet the high safety requirements of DIN 60601-1 as well as the 93/42 EWG Guidelines


Hygiene plays an important role in the daily routines of the medical profession, and in the safety of patients and medical personnel. Therefore all ITD instrument carts are resistant to cleaners and disinfectants; additionally they have smooth, easy to clean surfaces.


Of course, the highest degree of safety of electrical supplies is provided, tested carefully and repeatedly during production, and documented. When it comes to safety, ITD instrument carts leave nothing to chance, we guarantee that with our good name.

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