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Date: 11/11/2021 – 11/11/2021
Prof. Dr. med. Clemens Bulitta & Gerhard Bumeder
Microsoft Teams

Infection control and medical devices: Insights from experts

Thursday, 11th November 2021, 11:30am – 12:30pm CET, Microsoft Teams

Part I: Infection control - From clinical aspects to regulatory requirements for medical devices
Expert: Prof. Dr. med. Clemens Bulitta

  • Why is infection control that important?

  • What are the product requirements for infection control and hygienic design?

  • What measures can and must medical device manufacturers take to fulfil these requirements?

Part II: Infection control in connection with medical devices

Expert: Gerhard Bumeder of ITD GmbH

  • What are the impacts of infection control requirements to the development of technical details?

  • What precautions do we take during production to avoid contamination of the products?

  • How do we ensure proper supply chain?

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Prof. Dr. med. Clemens Bulitta, Professor Diagnostic Systems and Medical Technology

Prof. Dr. Bulitta has extensive international experience and knowledge in clinical medicine, he healthcare and the medical device industry. He graduated from Medical School and also received his doctorate degree from Heidelberg University in 1995. After clinical training in surgery at the university in Essen and Mainz, he completed a 2-year research fellowship at Harvard University. From 2001 until 2012 he worked in the healthcare and medical device industry. In September 2012, he was appointed as professor for »Diagnostic Systems and Medical Technology Management« at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden, where he also chairs the Institute for Medical Engineering.

About Prof. Dr. med. Bulitta:

Gerhard Bumeder, Director Quality & Regulatory Affairs of ITD GmbH

Gerhard Bumeder is responsible for Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs at ITD GmbH. Together with his team, he ensures the regulatory, safety and quality standards of the medical equipment carts and support arms as well as all processes. He and the ITD team are well prepared to support worldwide approval and sales processes from regulatory perspective.

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