Stay connected - Outlook For Global Medical Device Market

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Date: 04/29/2021 – 04/29/2021
Jamie Davis - Fitch Solutions

The presentation will provide insights for short-, mid- and long-term planning. It will explore growth drivers, and highlight opportunities and risks.

Thursday, 29th April 2021, 3:30pm CET, 45 min, Microsoft Teams

Part I: Impact Of Covid-19 Pandemic On Medical Device Sales

  • Comparison of different product areas/medical specialities (eg. orthopaedics, patient monitoring etc.).
  • Current expectations for normalisation of healthcare activity, esp. elective surgery.

Part II: Effect Of Macroeconomic Downturn On Healthcare

  • Contextualisation of GDP forecasts and medical device/healthcare forecasts.
  • Key global markets with focus on Europe/EMEA.
  • Re-shoring of medical device manufacturing from low-cost bases.

Part III: Acceleration Of MedTech/Digital Health

  • Examples of products developed to combat the pandemic.
  • Difference in uptake of technologies (Blockchain, Internet of Things, AI, Big Data)
  • Driving forces/restraining forces affecting adoption of telemedicine.
  • Hospitals of the future.

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Jamie Davis
Head of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices & Healthcare, Country Risk & Industry Research

Jamie Davies leads a team of UK, Singapore and South Africa-based analysts responsible for identifying market entry and expansion opportunities, assessing operational risks and analysing corporate growth strategies across global pharmaceutical and healthcare markets. Besides producing market analysis for Fitch Solutions’ client base, Jamie regularly speaks at industry conferences and at corporate investor days.