Product Configurator 1.0

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How to use:

The Flash technology is no longer supported by Adobe, this product configurator runs in a virtual environment ONLY.

Please be aware of the following instructions:

1) Use your access data, we have provided, to log in (bottom of the homepage)

2) „Access local resources“
After the first log in, logging in for the first time, a window appears with the message "Access local resources". Please confirm the settings with "Allow". If this message appears in German, please select "Zulassen".

3) Use the provided login details again

4) After you have started the configurator, you will receive following warning message:  

Please click "Run Adobe Flash" and "Allow". DO NOT click "Check for updates". If this message appears in German, please select "Adobe Flash ausführen" and „Erlauben“. DO NOT click „Auf Updates prüfen“.


- The "Send PDF" button has been newly installed. This button allows you to send the PDF file to your personal e-mail account. Please use your own email address for this.

- Entering your e-mail address: Please DO NOT use the "Alt GR" key for the "@" symbol - your configuration will be closed without saving. In this case, please ALWAYS copy your email address via the clipboard with "Ctrl + V".

- The key combination for creating the "@" differs internationally. If you do not need an "Alt GR" key in your region, you can also type in the e-mail address.

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To get access data, please contact your personal contact at ITD or send us an e-mail to Click for email!Click for email!