Swivel arm rm-port

The rm-port stationary arm is a technologically innovative monitor support arm. With modular connections, the support arm can be integrated into already existing infrastructures and can be adapted to the medical requirements with different boom lengths.

Technical Details

Maximum load capacity
Operating radius


The sleek design and integrated technology as well as excellent quality ensure safety, freedom from maintenance and comfort.


Various connection options on the wall side allow easy installation of the medical support arm in any infrastructure.

Monitor holders

Technical data


Stationary support arms (4.47 MB) Download

Color versions

The rm-port swivel arm is available in the ITD basic color.

  • Basic color RAL 7035 (light grey)

    Basic color
    RAL 7035
    (light grey) 


The modular design principle allows numerous combinations of system components and accessories.

Frequently asked questions

For which applications is the rm-port medical support arm suitable?

The rm-port medical support arm is suitable for all stationary monitor applications. It can also be mounted on equipment carts for mobile use.

What boom lengths does the rm-port medical support arm system offer?

The rm-port swivel arm 1-fold offers boom lengths from 250 mm - 325 mm. The rm-port swivel arm 2-fold offers arm lengths of 250 mm + 250 mm and 325 mm + 325 mm, which can also be combined with each other.

What is the swivel range of the medical support arm rm-port?

The rm-port with one outrigger can be swiveled by 90°. The rm-port with two outriggers can be swiveled 90° on the wall side and monitor side and 180° in the middle joint, so that the support arm can be completely folded in to save space.

Can the monitors be rotated and tilted on the swivel arms?

Thanks to spring support, monitors can be comfortably tilted by ± 20° and rotated by ± 90°.

What is the load capacity of the rm-port monitor support arm?

The swing arm 1-fold can take a load of up to 23 kg. The tilt arm 2-fold can take a load of up to 18 kg.


How is the medical support arm delivered?

It is delivered completely assembled.

What material is the stationary equipment carrier arm?

High-quality materials, such as steel and aluminum, allow for a high level of payload and reliability. The powder coating of the support arm guarantees robustness and resistance to cleaning agents.

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