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    Who are the people behind ITD GmbH? 

Who holds the reins? Who cares for all your wants? To give you an idea who is serving you at ITD, brief introductions of the team members are given here.

Quintin Potgieter, Managing Director

"Our goal as ITD is to develop, produce and market products there are excellent in innovation, technology and design in the medical sector. As one of the world´s leading provider of equipment carts and support arms, we can look back on more than 20 years of experience in our market, thousands of satisfied customers and countless project implementation.

One of our strengths is the modular system, which allows our customers to build easily their specific products using standard and standard-near elements. With our qulitay management system according to DIN EN ISO 13485 we ensure that aour products and processes always meet the highest quality standards that our customers can rely on."

Alfons Brummer, Sales Director

"We at ITD are fully focused on the medical technology market; this has made ITD a recognized expert and market leader. ITD offers its customers products and solutions, which are thought out in advance and guarantee extensive support.

This lets our customers concentrate on their core business. All ITD product lines form an integrated whole, which offer the optimal framework for homogenous integration of instruments and systems. Last but not least ITD places the highest value on a broad diversification of risk, which is reached by the logical focus on the most varied customer sectors in the international market."

Roland Sichart, Operations Director

"Along our supply chain and production processes, our employees use information to create concrete products. A solid education, a high level of motivation and independence combined with the desire to continually develop are the basis for the achievement of our high quality standards that we equally require from our products and processes. Each and every employee involved in the process contributes to the fulfillment of our customer wishes as well as to the advancement of our company."

Gerhard Bumeder, Technical Director

"As market-leader, for ITD, innovation is one of the keys to success. Our company is continually presenting impressive new developments and intelligent detailed solutions for the benefit of users in the medical sector.

Some of our most important innovations aren't even visible at first glance, but in the course of the daily routine they prove to be indispensable. One example is provided by smart cable management. Our most valuable source of ideas leading to innovations at ITD is the partnership and the exchange of experience between our development engineers and our customers."

Corinna Böttcher, HR Director

"Our employees are most significant to our success! Thanks to their dedication, expertise and teamwork across all our locations we can deliver the greatest value to our customers. We at ITD put the people first, jointly with passion and a lot of fun at work, we continue to write our success story every day."