• The choice of a medical equipment cart made easy

    The demand on the equipment in hospitals and clinic environment are particularly high.

The application of the electronic devices, the use of the equipment cart, the wiring and the connection options must be user-friendly and practical, as well as efficiently integrated into the medical workflow. This presents you with different challenges in your research for medical equipment cart.
This summary should help you to stay focused on the important facts:


Many countries have different power grids and plugs. In order to create a potential-free environment in the application and to protect the patient, the integration of an isolating transformer is recommended.


The flexibility in the construction of the equipment cart is a great advantage in international use. Worldwide availability, secure shipping and many years of experience play a decisive role in the selection of a supplier.

Modern Design

An ergonomic design is intended to ensure a relaxed way of working and design interface making the equipment trolley a complete solution with a uniform appearance in the medical sector.


Well thought-out cable management inside the device carrier prevents cables from lying on the ground. Powder-coated and rust-free surfaces enable residue-free cleaning in compliance with hygiene standards


The collaboration with an audited partner who pays attention to the current quality standards should pay a crucial role in the selection of manufacturer for equipment carts.

We have been providing expertise in the medical device market for more than 20 years. We use the modular system to enable our customers to easily and flexibly assemble their specific product requirements from standard and near-standard components. With our quality management system DIN EN ISO 13485, we ensure that our products and processes always meet the highest quality standards and that our equipment trolleys meet the requirements of the MDR standard for medical device class I. We are internationally available in more than 60 countries and offer our customers a direct contact person on 4 continents.