Opening of the TouchPoint Healthcare headquarter in Florida, Odessa

  • Concentrated activities in America
  • Competence Center
  • On-stop production

The acquisition of the American company TouchPoint Inc. was a strategic decision to ensure the future of ITD GmbH and to support its worldwide growth.

TouchPoint Inc. is a globally active group of companies that has set the goal of promoting and developing innovative companies in growth and niche markets. The various subsidiaries of TouchPoint Inc. are organised in three divisions:

ITD GmbH and the subsidiary TouchPoint Medical are located under the TouchPoint Healthcare business. While ITD operates successfully in the market segment of medical equipment manufacturers with equipment carts and support arms, TouchPoint Medical is active in the institutional healthcare market with its mobile, networked workstations and automated medication storage and dispensing systems for hospitals and nursing homes.

With the finalization of the head quarter in Florida, we are creating a basis for the future growth in the technical medical market. We are meeting the current requirements for the global availability of ITD equipment carts and support arm systems.

In a dynamic increasing environment, our goal is to focus on our customers and their users.