• 7 questions to Andreas Hager, Head of Development and Application Design

    Head of Development and Application Design

Andreas Hager, Head of Development and Application Design at ITD since 2011, has always been interested in building, trying and improving on the technical side.

During his studies, he interest in construction and building worked his way to the top, once a friend of him, student of electrical engineering, needed a plastic housing for a circuit. Many nights Andreas Hager designed and optimized.

In the interview Mr. Hager tells us more about himself and the future of the ITD.

1. How did you become Head of Development?

After my university studies of precision engineering specializing in medical technology at the FH Munich, I took always small steps and received many support of my supervisors so I became the head of development and application design department. I decided on the conventional career path, my first experience I gained as Team Leader followed by position as Head Technical Support, to the Head of Development and Application Design. Lots of experience in the different areas that now benefits me. Also, through my superiors, I have taken all relevant knowledge for myself.

2. Where did you get your inspiration for the new equipment cart?

Collaboration is a top priority at ITD, which is the foundation for new products and the success. The new equipment cart was created by the experience of colleagues, the new technologies of medical technology and the innovative production possibilities.

3. What is determined for you on a medical equipment cart?

The most important and determined is the application in which the equipment cart is used. Orientation possibilities offer earlier applications here, this paired with new ideas and modern future technology is the basis of the development of an equipment cart or support arm.

4. What advantages does the modular system of standard and near-standard elements have for the development of the "symbio-cart"?

The new equipment cart differs from the modular system, like no previous product. The height of the shelves, the 3rd support column at the back of the equipment cart, the design interfaces and the new color scheme were the right decisions in the end. With the symbio-cart launch we start in a new generation of medical equipment trolleys.

5. What does the ITD mean for you?

The ITD means a lot to me, after 16 years I have a common history with the company, we have celebrated joint successes and many colleagues have been there for almost as long as I am. The steady growth in the form of sales, employees and responsibility are driving me.

6. What excites you about your job as head of development?

Since 2015, ITD GmbH has been part of the American investment company TouchPoint Inc., which has set itself the goal of providing highly specialized and innovative companies in niche and growth markets with capital and to secure their long-term international development. I find this internationalization extremely exciting; the close cooperation with the American colleagues is very educational and fun for both sides.

 7. Where will the ITD be in the future?

That's the great thing about the ITD, I think we will continue to grow in the future, we will open new production facilities, merge productions and align the way we work with internationalization. A medium-sized company becomes a "global player".